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Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

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Good Girl, a boldly sophisticated scent in an astonishing new bottle that expresses women’s delicious duality. Complex and seemingly contradictory, this is a fragrance where sensibilities collide. She is the master of her own duality; ultra-feminine and powerful; sensual and irreverent; independent and fearless; and ultimately, brimming with intrigue. Women’s thrilling duality, which is brought to roaring life by the city that never sleeps, inspires a fragrance signed Carolina HerreraNew York.

The Good Girl is unforgettable; she captivates us with her confidence, mesmerizes us with her contemporary elegance, charms us with her unbridled, untamable spirit. Carolina Herrera celebrates the exquisite power of femininity and the beautiful contradictions of a woman today in the most alluring of ways.