How it works

1. Subscribe or Buy once-off on Next Scent

Get your monthly designer fragrance of your choice from R325/month. You can also choose to purchase once off or do the monthly subscription where you will receive a new scent each month of your choice. Love your scent so much ? View our full size range for the best prices.

2. Pick your Fragrance

Select from a collection of the most sought-after designer fragrances. If you subscribe but dont like the fragrance do not worry because each month you can change to a difereant fragrance. Why not try them all?

3. Monthly Spray

Get a generous supply of fragrance (8ml, 140 sprays) in an Aluminium travel-friendly spray. Free refillable case with your first order. Extra atomizers can be purchased for R49 each. send us a email for this option

4. Delivered Directly To YOU!

Every Month we will have your fragrance delivered to your door. Monthly subscribers have the option off changing their scent each month.